2012 First Round Mock Draft

The NFL draft is upon us, and like many people who think they know more than they actually do about the NFL, we here have also created a mock draft.  We hope you enjoy, and look forward to your inevitably mean yet funny criticism of it.

1) Colts: Andrew Luck, QB.  There is no explanation needed here.

2) Redskins: Robert Griffin III, QB.  See above.

3) Vikings: Matt Kalil, LT.  The Vikings are the key as to how the draft plays out.  I see them trading back, however if they stay put Kalil is who should be selected at the #3 spot.

4) Browns: Trent Richardson, RB.  Too good of a player to pass up here, they can get a QB and a WR later in the draft.

5) Buccaneers:Morris Claiborne, CB.  Keuchly is an enticing prospect here as they ranked last in rushing defense last season, but their division dictates that you have a stout secondary first and foremost.

6) Rams: Justin Blackmon, WR.  They had nothing for wide receivers last year, Blackmon gives Bradford the weapon he has been needing.

7) Jaguars: Melvin Ingram, DE.  Michael Floyd is a popular pick here, and they could very well go with him, but having a pass-rush is key in the NFL and WR is deep this year.

8) Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill, QB.  Even though many(including us here) will disagree with the pick if it indeed happens, you can’t ignore the news coming out of Miami.

9) Panthers: Fletcher Cox, DT.  Incredibly versatile defensive lineman, will make them stronger on defense.

10) Bills: Riley Reiff, OT.  Safe pick, will bolster an offensive line that struggled last year.

11) Chiefs: David DeCastro, G.  DeCastro has been somewhat forgotten lately, but his talent has not.  A very good player at Stanford, he will help a Chiefs offense that sruggled mightily last year.

12) Seahawks: Quinton Coples, DE.  A bit of a risky pick, but Pete Carroll is a defensive-minded coach and should get the most out of this unique physical talent.

13) Cardinals: Michael Floyd, WR.  Not their first priority but Floyd is an opportunity that is hard to pass up.  The only thing more dangerous that Larry Fitzgerald on the field is someone to take some coverage away from him.

14) Cowboys: Mark Barron, S.  Barron’s name has been all over the place recently, and he is by far the best Safety in this draft.

15) Eagles: Luke Kuechly, LB.  The Eagles’ linebackers were just awful last season, Kuechly is an athletic tackling machine who will start day 1.

16) Jets: Kendall Wright, WR.  Is it a reach?  Possibly, but they have nothing but Santonio Holmes right now.  The Jets have expressed a desire to get back to running the ball but lets be honest, you don’t get to superbowls in this league without being able to pass the football.

17) Bengals: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB.  There isn’t a lot left in the Bengals secondary after this offseason, Kikpatrick will be a big contributor this coming season.

18) Chargers: Whitney Mercilus, ILB.  A prototypical 3-4 linebacker, he will help immediately.

19) Bears: Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB.  A great pass-rusher, will be a force with Peppers on the opposite side.

20) Titans: Stephon Gilmore, CB.  With Cortland Finnegan gone this pick seems natural, they need to replace him immediately.

21) Bengals: Stephen Hill, WR.  Hill made a lot of noise at the Combine, and whether or not your a person who likes workout-warriors he is a physical specimen.  With Andre Caldwell gone and Jerome Simpson pleading guilty to federal drug charges a hole at wide receiver must be filled.

22) Browns: Cordy Glenn, OL.  They got their running back in Richardson, now is the time to give him a versatile offensive lineman who can create holes for him.  They can address wide receiver and quarterback later.

23) Lions: Janoris Jenkins, CB.  A lot of teams have taken Jenkins off their boards, but Jim Schwartz is not afraid to deal with players with potential baggage.  Jenkins is incredibly gifted in coverage, and with the QB/WR combos in their division they could really use him.

24) Steelers: Jonathan Martin, OT.  The offensive line for the Steelers was incredibly banged up, and thus incredibly hard to watch.  Ben Roethlisberger will absolutely love this pick.

25) Broncos: Michael Brockers, DT.  A very talented defensive lineman with little college experience, I see the teams in the top half of the draft passing on him but at #25 he fits perfectly.

26) Texans: Coby Fleener, TE.  The tight end position drops off hard after Fleener.  The Texans are a zone-run, play-action team and Fleener is a great vertical threat.

27) Patriots: Nick Perry, DE.  Defense is the theme for the Patriots in this year’s draft, and Perry brings a great burst off the edge.

28) Packers:Chandler Jones, DE.  The Packers need a pass-rusher as badly as they need a Safety, and Jones will be a great defensive player.

29) Ravens: Dont’a Hightower.  A versatile linebacker, he’ll provide depth as well as a replacement for Ray Lewis when his career comes to an end soon.

30) 49ers: Kevin Zeitler, G.  As strong as their run game is, the departure of Alex Snyder does hurt and Zeitler has gone under the radar but still is a great talent.

31) Patriots: Lavonte David, LB.  A versatile linebacker who will bolster a fairly weak linebacker corps in New England.

32) Giants: David Martin, RB.  Brandon Jacobs is gone and there is a lot of value picking Martin at #32.

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